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Scholarships! Hey, we are fundraising for scholarships and are still working on the application and guidelines. You can help by joining the mailing list, volunteering to help, donating directly or attending our Showcase. 


Meanwhile, Here's the Basics: 

If you have a child in the 1st through 12th during the 2019-20 school year and you live within the boundaries of our scholarship area (coming soon), your child may be eligible for a merit-based scholarship for arts education. 

Youth Artists will need to complete a scholarship application and provide us with a portfolio/audition in their area of study. Scholarship funds must be used for an arts education program/facility with an active business license in their state. Applicants should provide us with a contact at the facility that can verify enrollment in their program. 

Funds are limited and the scholarship program is competitive, but we encourage you to apply anyway. Stay tuned for more information on how scholarship applicants will be adjudicated, application guidelines, and application deadlines. 

Meanwhile, The Kaleidoscope Showcase is one of our fundraisers for the scholarships, and students can audition for it on April 29! Please note: participation in the Showcase is not related to applications for Scholarships. It's just fun and a good cause.